Re-returning is never easy

Have you ever waited so long to reply in a situation that it is easier to not reply at all because the statute of limitations on a response has expired? Yep – that’s how I have felt about returning to posting on this site for the last year.

During that time I’ve had countless ideas that have withered away in an endless stream of notepads, sticky notes, texts to myself, annotations, emails, conversations… Time seemed to whisk away these inspirational moments with life’s obligations. Hopefully, I can recapture and reflect on some of these fleeting ideas in this public space. Maybe through reflection, I will realize that life’s obligations are actually gifts.

Returning to this writing platform requires me to update my information, which will help provide some context for upcoming reflections on education and life. My wife, three daughters and I moved from North Dakota to California in 2019. During our first year in Southern California, I taught middle school Language Arts at a K-12 public charter school. My elementary-aged daughters attended school with me, which was a treat. My wife was an intervention specialist at a local public elementary school. After the first year (and the start of COVID), I accepted a position as a CTE Video Production teacher at a 9-12 public high school and my wife accepted a position as an intervention coordinator at an online-based public charter school. 

The opportunities to evaluate my educational practice and the broader public education paradigm from these multiple lenses and different positions in a new state (not to mention the pandemic learning experience) has provided a flood of reflective moments that will be shared in this space.

Just like those moments when you hesitate if the statute of limitations has expired on a reply, it is always uplifting to take that leap. It’s good to be back.

Jeremy Murphy is a Career Tech Education and ELA teacher. This blog represents his observations from his professional growth in his 17-year career. In no way should this be mistaken for advice or any form of professional expertise. If you are looking for an expert in teaching, English and/or life, you are on the wrong site. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter at @mr_jmurphy or email him at

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