It’s about time

I’ve had this blog created for almost a year. This is my first post. I’m not sure why I waited to pull the trigger on publishing something. I think it’s because I’m hesitant to put myself “out there.” I don’t really have any profound insights on teaching. I’m not an expert in English. I sometimes even struggle with the daily routines of life. I’m not sure I have much to offer to a vast online audience.

However, in my never-ending pursuit of self-improvement, I came across this quote someone tweeted from a keynote address by Todd Nesloney (@TechNinjaTodd), “you are doing a disservice by not sharing the great things you’re doing as a teacher.” I think this holds true for not only great achievements in the classroom, but also failures we learn from. This prompted me to take the plunge and publish this first post.

To introduce the “Hired, Fired, Inspired” blog, I have established some goals/ground rules:

1. Posts will be brief – I have so much I want to share and I have a tendancy to ramble sometimes (so my students tell me). I will be concise and to the point, which should help me post more frequently.

2. Posts are based on current observations – As I said before, I’m not an expert. I am always trying to improve and learn how to enhance the classroom experience for my students. All posts will be based on something seen or heard elsewhere.

This blog is my attempt to record the successes and failures of my professional development.

Stay tuned for:
 “The Tale Behind the Title” (7/21/14)

Jeremy Murphy is a journalism and English teacher at West Fargo High School in West Fargo, North Dakota. This blog represents his observations from his professional growth in his nine year career. In no way should this be mistaken for advice or any form of professional expertise. If you are looking for an expert in teaching, English and/or life, you are on the wrong site. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter at @mr_jmurphy or email him at

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